Halls of Residence Application process and tips

Halls of Residence Application Process and Tips

2020 Key dates to record for 2021 University entry

  • 26th  June  – submit teacher nomination form, student reference form and activate the ccrf form for you application (see below for links)
  • 1st August – Online applications for Halls of Residence open
  • 8th September – check to see that you have received an email confirming your references has been received by your university halls choice
  • 15th September – Applications close
  • 10th October – approximate date of 1st “round” of acceptance offers into the Halls
  • 30th October – approximate date of your confirmation of acceptance to the Hall you have been offered. Deposit required


Before you begin your application

You need the following information before you start your application: –

  • Know which Halls of Residence you want to apply for:
    • do some research around the options and which one is best suited to you
    • all of the universities have links on their websites to videos and info about each of their Halls.
    • Some universities you can only select one where other universities may ask you to select 3 preferences.
  • Contact details of your guardian:
    • name, address, phone number/s and email address
  • Your NSN – National Student Number
    • This is the same as your exam number – if you cannot locate this number you can go and ask or email Student Support (Leonie Keyse ks@nelsoncollege.schoo.nz)
  • Your most recent NCEA academic results
    • Year 12 NCEA, IB or CIE
    • Year 13 results if you have been on a GAP Year.
  • Your proposed course or study e.g. Bachelor of Arts etc.
    • Don’t worry if you have not made your decision yet about which degree programme you want to study – this is easily altered later


Tasks to do:

1. Register online

  • go to the accommodation site of the university you intend to study at.
  • Click on “Apply Now” and register, you will then be emailed a username and password to enable you to save and come back to your application if you need to.


2. References

  • Completed the online request for the Common Confidential Reference (CCRF)
    • activate the ccrf from by June 26th
  • Make sure you have filled out the form that nominates the teachers who will write about you.
    • Log onto your school account through Office 365 to activate this form
    • Submit this form by June 26th
      • select and email to your 4 chosen Teachers   
        • Teacher ciphers are at the bottom of this page
      • We need as much information about you from as many different people as possible to write a convincing reference for you.  That is why we request information about you from your the teachers you nominate
  • Make sure you have filled out the form where you write about you!!
    • Log onto your school account through Office 365 to activate this form
    • Submit this form by June 26th
  • Nelson College will provide a confidential reference for you.
    • Please note this is a confidential reference you will not see this reference as it is sent directly to the accommodation at the university you are applying for.
    • This reference from the school needs to be completed and sent to the university by the 15th
    • You will get a confirmation email from the university(s) to say that your reference has been received
    • Email vh@nelsoncollege.school.nz if you not received this email by Tuesday 8th September

3. Write your application

  • This template represents the type of questions you can expect.
  • You will receive a paper copy of this during the Leadership “getting out of here” series – however I would recommend you start working on this NOW!

4. Submit your Application before 31st August.

  • Applications officially close 30th September
    • We encourage you to have your application completed by 31st August (gives us all some wiggle room if something is not completed)
  • Applications can be made after the 30th Sept, BUT you will not be made an offer in the first round
  • Any missing information on your application will delay your application being processed or accepted.
  • Frist round offers are are made around the 10th Get someone to proof read your application before you submit your application.
  • SOME universities require you to pay an application fee – this needs to be paid by credit card (usually around $75-$100). This MUST also be paid before the closing date. Your application will not be processed without payment.


Further Information:


  • Halls of Residence offers are made between mid October and February.
  • If you have not been allocated a place in a Halls of Residence in the first round, you will be placed on a waiting list.
  • It is advisable to accept your offer even though it may not have been your first choice.
  • Most students, by the time the university starts in February, do receive an offer but it could take some time until a vacancy becomes available.
  • Students move in mid-February (you will be given a date).
  • Spaces can become available within the first few weeks after the semester commences.
  • If you are still on the waiting list in mid- February, temporary accommodation is often available.


  • Make sure you pay the required deposit as specified in the offer/contract
  • The deposit can range from $600-1000.
  • If you do not pay and accept your offer/contract by the due date, your contract will expire and your place will be offered to another student.
  • This deposit and acceptance date is usually due before the end of October.


Payment options

  • Discuss with parents, caregivers and whanau how best to manage this
  • Options can include:
    • lump sum payments (the whole year fees are paid in January)
    • quarterly payments
    • weekly/fortnightly payments
  • Students eligible for a student loan via Studylink can receive $239.76 a week for living costs
    • REMEMBER: this is a loan – not a handout.
    • You don’t have to borrow the full amount.
    • This $$  will not be accessible until end of February once the semester starts.


Accommodation Scholarships

Email codes for teachers (when you nominate your teachers for references) 

  • if you are new to our school OR if you want a NCG teacher to write about you then contact CAREERS HUB staff who can help with this as an option.
code for email Title Surname First code for email Title Surname First
        PK Mr Peake Graeme
JA Mr Aberhart Jarrod PE Mr Powrie Simon
HA Ms Allan Helen PD Mr Purdie David
CS Mr Allen Chris AV Mrs Reeves Annabelle
RA Mr Anderson Rob RD Mr Reynolds Joshua
AR Ms Arai Jennifer
SB Mr Bathan Stuart RI Mr Riley Tristan
BF Mr Billcliff Grant RR Mr Ringwood Robin
BW Mr Brown Jamie RX Mr Roxburgh Stuart
BK Mr Brudvik-Lindner Richard GS Miss Samson Gail
CR Mr Chamberlain Mark SG Ms Staig Catherine
CA Mr Classen Jeremy SE Mrs Stove Alethea
CY Mr Cleary Kieran ST Dr Stuart Deborah
CL Mr Clifton Jesse TD Mr Townsend Richard
JC Mr Conly John TB Mr Toynbee Luke
PC Mr Costley Phil TK Mr Tucker Tim
AC Mr Crisp Alex TY Mr Tutty Leigh
CT Mrs Croft Colleen VN Mr van der Velden David
CU Mr Currie Sam WH Mr Walsh Ryan
DH Miss D’ath Jess VW Mr Watson Vaughan
DY Mr Daubney Paul WV Ms Weaver Hilary
TE Miss Eden Tess WS Mr Withers Nicholas
ET Ms Elliott Catherine YE Mr Yorkstone Andrew
FS Mr Francis John
FR Mr Franklin Chris
FE Mr Fraser Johnnie
GD Mrs Garside Diane
GE Mr Garside Stephen
GO Mrs Gillyon Emma
JG Mr Glazier John
GG Mr Grigg Peter
HN Mr Haddon Joe
CH Mr Hart Chris
AH Ms Hassan Alex
SH Mrs Hippolite Samme
HT Mr Hippolite Wayne
KE Mrs Kelly Deborah
KL Mr Kelly Ron
KD Mrs Keyanonda Fiona
KF Mr Knoef Stephen
JK Mr Kramer Fred
LR Mr Lattimer Kieron
LU Ms Lau Anna
SL Mrs Lukitau-Ngaamo Sharon
MN Mr Mardon Simon
ML Ms McDowell Adrienne
ME Mr McKenzie Gordon
SM Mr McLean Stu
MI Mr Milligan Kirk
MT Ms Mitchell Kath
MO Mr Moon Daniel
NN Mrs Naughton Christina
NL Mrs Neale Jennifer
NU Mr Neumann Nathan
NV Ms Nevin Sylvia