Checklist for Tertiary Training

This page is if you intend to go into further training that is non University related.

This may be an Apprenticeship; the Defence Force or straight into the Work force.

Some options you can look at doing during your final school year:

  1. Research your options
  2. Talk to your Parents/Caregivers
  3. Decide where you want to live
  •  My Mahi APP
    • Use your Microsoft @NC school account
    • you will find up to date Course and Provider information
    • Create a CV
    • Search up a specific job
    • Search up different Providers and save on your profile
    • Work on your WorkReady Portfolio
  • During the School year
    • enrol in the Gateway programme
    • Explore and enrol in a TOTSTA Trades Academy course
    • Look into Work experience
    • Taster day or 2/3 day course at NMIT
    • Attend the Careers Roadshow in May
    • Practice interview skills
    • Create/update your CV
  • At home or in your own time
    • Look for part time/holiday work
    • Gain your Drivers License (Manual if you are looking at a Trade)
    • You will need to have ready access to your personal information:
      • You will be required to fill in Application forms and you may need to supply certified* documents such as:
      • Proof of citizenship or residency status (eg birth certificate, passport)
      • Obtain a copy of your birth certificate from your parents/caregivers
      • OR:
      • Order one (costs $33 and takes up to 14 days for you to receive)
      • Record of learning (from the Student Office)
      • Bank details
      • IRD number

Look at your strengths and interests and make an appointment with the Careers Hub, we can help you to consider your options. All decisions need to be made on information, so you will need to attend seminars and research different pathways and learning environments.

Seminars available during the school year:

    • Study link
    • Scholarship writing
    • Leaving school
    • Look at the checklist to Defence

*Certified Documents can be done by:

  • JP (Justice of the Peace), you can access a JP at the Nelson Courts or find one locally here
  • JP’s are also available at Richmond Mall on Saturday Mornings
  • Solicitor of the High Court
  • Notary Public (there may be a cost)
  • Deputy Registrar at a court (not all courts will be able to certify copies)