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March 15, 2021

If you are looking to leave school, and wish to apply for a job in the Fishing Industry there are entry level career pathways for people who have never worked on a fishing vessel before.

Initially candidates apply on line at, where they will get the opportunity to attend an interview and meet some skippers.  They will also have a pre-employment medical for wellness and also for clearance for the use of drugs and alcohol (and in the interest of safety we do conduct ongoing random drug testing).  Once completed a phone reference check is conducted and if this is their 1st jobs a tutor/coach/character referee will suffice.

Initially unskilled crew will start as factory hand trainees which has a trainee pathway with 4 monthly pay increases linked to skills attained.

There are a choice of vessels to sail on from 9-14 day turnarounds up to 6-8 week turnarounds.  Each trip comprises the same amount of time on the vessel and the same amount of time on land (and you are paid fortnightly for both the time on the vessel and your time off – referred as trip on/trip off – most other fishing companies require 2 trips on before crew get 1 paid trip off) so most love the lifestyle of time to do whatever on their trip off and time to re-join their crew during their sailing time.  New crew are buddied up with other crew and they receive training on the job in vessel safety and procedures and our values as well as paid training in the Westport Deep Sea Fishing School.  There are also opportunities to further your career and gain certificates and become deck hands, galley hands, cooks, supervisors, machinery operators, factory engineers, senior crew and over time, even skippers. Those who stay love the comradery where crew become like family.

If there are a number of students who wish to learn more about a career in fishing please let me know.  I have a number of skippers and vessel managers who would be happy to give a presentation/talk to your students about life on the sea.


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