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CATE Careers and Transition Eductation Association have recently developed an informative website with current links to all types of Tertiary training available in NZ.  There is also information to explore about International education and GAP year opportunities overseas.

It is a one stop shop valuable resource for us to use.

The focus of CATE is on the career education and development of youth and their transition from school into the wider world of employment, training and/or further education.

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Parents as first Coaches

Get involved. Be active in your teens’ life and build experiences you can share and talk about together. Spending time with your teen may help them to be more open and willing to discuss career options with you.

• Think about the Career Development Guiding Principles and help your teen use them on their career journey

• Think about your career journey and the pathways you chose and think about what you have learned along the way –share these with your teen when the moment is right.

• Show curiosity. Explore your teens’ passion, interests, strengths, and experiences. Try not to judge, even if you do not share the same passion or interest.

• Model what you know and want. Your teen is watching and listening; take the time to connect, put your phone away, and make sure the time you have with your teen is uninterrupted. Ask for your teens’ input, what help do they want from you, when would be a good time to talk. Ask for feedback, if you give them some information or advice, ask if that is helpful and of benefit to them.

• Tap into your networks. Introduce your teen to people and opportunities that are in line with their career interests.

• Connect with the school. This includes classroom teachers, their Dean, the Career Advisor. Show your teen that you support their goals and understand what they need to do academically to achieve these.

• Be informed. Take some time to become familiar with the websites and career management programme the school is using. Organise visits to training provider Open Day and Information Evenings.

• Encourage your teen to take opportunities to explore different careers through work experience, job shadowing or volunteering.

• Help them to prepare answers for questions such as “What are you going to do when you leave school?”. Most teens feel uncomfortable when asked this question especially if they do not have a firm plan. One way that has been suggested by experts to answer this is by saying, “I have several options I am considering, what do you do/How did you get to the position you have today? This then takes the emphasis of them, and from the conversation, they get to learn about ano

An informative article to support Parents as first coaches for assisting their children on their Career paths.

Parents as first Coaches


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Kiwis at work

Not sure where to start? Have a look at these Day in the Life videos on Youtube, they may inspire you.

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Occupation Outlook

Occupation Outlook is a resource developed by the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment to assist you to explore possible future career goals. It has extensive information on labour supply and demand in over 100 occupations in NZ.  Go to the website here to check it out:


School leaver magazine

Helping you make the best choices after Nelson College

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