Checklist for University

Complete this term by term activities if you intend to study at University next year (or if you plan to attend University after a GAP year)

Term  1:  Reconnaissance!

Decide WHERE you want to study

  1. This could be a decision based on WHAT you want to study or WHERE you want to study.
  2. Attend the University Liaison visits at school (or the ZOOM sessions during Covid-19)
  3. Talk to the different Universities at the annual Careers Road Show (2020 this will be in an online format)
  4. If you possibly can book and pay for flights to attend University Open Days
  5. Research different pathways and learning environments at different universities
  6. Have discussions with your parents/caregivers, your teachers, and people in your network who may be studying or have studying in areas you are interested in
  7. Identify how you learn best and what learning environment is best suited to you – e.g online, in a class situation, small group etc
  8. Still Feeling stuck or confused?   Book a session with Ms Heays 

Term  2:  Decision making

Decide WHAT you want to study

This does not need to be ‘set in concrete’ yet – but it is time to start narrowing down your ideas

  1. Attend the University Course Planning seminars that are held at school
  2. If you are having difficulty choosing or knowing what options are available then check out this website: No Major Drama It may help with your decision making based on your interests
  3. Start researching scholarships that are available and applicable to you here  
  4. Attend the scholarship application workshops run by the Careers Department Wed 27th May 1.40pm
  5. Apply for scholarships
  6. Research Halls of Residences at the Universities you are interested in attending
  7. Attend the Halls of Residence application workshop run by the Careers Department
  8. Complete this form by July 5th complete this form <Insert Teacher Request form here by June 15>
  9. Complete this form by July 5th Reference and testimonial form for students
  10. Still Feeling stuck or confused?   Book a session with Ms Heays 

Term 3:  Take Action! 

Term 4: Final steps!