School Leavers

There are a number of activities to complete over the year to prepare yourself for leaving College


There a number of activities to complete this year so the  Careers team at Nelson College can direct you to the appropriate seminars, open days, liaison visits, experiences, job opportunities and apprenticeships during the year

Term one

Navigate to your name and complete the sections relevant to your situation. (You can also access this through Class notebooks/shared with me in your Office 365 platform)

In the content Library area will be information  for you to access (work in progress)

Term two

  • Attend the Road show in May (virtual Road show is currently being planned – more information to come)
  • If you intend to go to University (or take a GAP year and go to Uni at some stage in the future) go to the Year 13 University Prep Checklist  


  • If you intend to to an other training institution got to the Other Tertiary Providers tab and work through the Year 13 Other Tertiary providers checklist (currently being worked on – contact Ms Heays on for information)


Term three

  • more information coming

Term four

Go follow your dreams!